Royal Blind School

43 Canaan Lane


EH10 4SG

Tel: 0131 446 3120

Fax: 0131 447 9266



About Us

The Royal Blind School is a grant aided special school that provides care and education to pupils with a visual impairment, including those with other disabilities. 

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Myles playing the guitar

Who We Are

We provide education and care to pupils with a visual impairment, including those with additional disabilities.

Royal Blind School original campus at Craigmillar Park


The School for Blind Children at Craigmillar Park was founded in 1835. 

A pupil in the driving seat during Lothian bus day

Our Strategy

The Royal Blind School's campuses have merged and all facilities are based in Morningside from Autumn 2014.

Pupil at Royal Blind School sports day

Our Pupils

Meet our past and present pupils.

Elaine Brackenridge, Head Teacher

Our Staff

Read about our staff.