Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded member with workshop instructor

We provide a lifeline of free support to veterans of the Armed Forces who have a serious visual impairment - no matter when or how their sight loss has occurred. 

Membership is open to any veteran in Scotland who either during or subsequent to their service has developed a serious sight impairment or has been registered as blind.

If you know a veteran with sight loss call Freephone 0800 035 6409 or guide them our way.

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Social gathering of Scottish War Blinded members

Outreach Service

Our team provide a lifeline of free support to veterans with sight loss 

Linburn Centre

Linburn Centre

The Linburn Centre offers a range of activities and training in a social setting.

Art class at Scottish War Blinded Linburn Centre

What We Do

Veterans with sight loss can access a range of recreational, sporting activities and rehabilitative training. 

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Membership of Scottish War Blinded is free.

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Outreach Service

Tel: 0131 229 1456

The Linburn Centre

Tel: 0131 333 1369

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Bringing Art to Life

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