A History of Braille and The Scottish Braille Press Audio Book

Welcome to our audio book version of ‘A History of Braille and The Scottish Braille Press’. The book was written as an accompaniment to an exhibition which featured at Central Library, Edinburgh as part of National Braille Week in October 2016. We have seperated the book into chapters below. To listen to the audio files please click on the respective image play icons. Our book is also available in Large Print and Braille. To order a copy, please complete the form below or email marketing@royalblind.org

Chapter One

The Origins of Embossed Printing & Braille

Our story begins in France, and a chance meeting on the streets of Paris in 1874 provides the inspiration to devise a tactile system of printing embossed books for blind people.

Chapter Two

The Introduction of Embossed Printing & Braille in the UK

Embossed printing was introduced in the United Kingdom by James Gall in 1827, who established a printing company in Edinburgh which specialised in religous and educational works.

Chapter Three

Royal Blind & the Founding of The Scottish Braille Press

Royal Blind was founded in Edinburgh in 1793 and was became the third recognised organisation in the world dedicated to the care and welfare of blind and partially sighted people.

Chapter Four

The Printing Department Grows

A Printing Department was established at The Royal Blind School by Headmaster Mr Illingworth in 1890 to provide pupils with an opportunity to develop Braille printing skills. 

Chapter Five

New Name, New Building

A new Scottish Braille Press building was officialy opened on 06 November 1953 to meet rising demands for accessible formats and provide further skilled skilled employment opportunities.

Chapter Six

Reaching New Audiences

The Scottish Braille Press conducted feasibility studies and developed partnerships as a means to ensure an engaging portfolio of publications was published for an ever increasing, discerning readership.

Chapter Seven

Technology & Enabling Inclusion

A Computer Department was established at The Scottish Braille Press in 1986 which used digital means to transcribe a wide range of documents into Braille, Moon, large print and audio.

Chapter Eight

The Scottish Braille Press Today

The Scottish Braille Press continues today as a leading provider of high quality alternative formats in the UK and works with clients from the private, public and thrid sectors as well as individuals.

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