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Audio Transcription

Audio transcriber sits at microphone

Who benefits from audio transcription?

The use of audio is particularly important for many vision impaired people who do not use braille. In addition, people with learning difficulties or dyslexia often find it easier to listen to information rather than read it.

Audio transcription services can help you reach and support a much wider audience.

Production of audio materials

Our audio transcription service goes through the following stages:

  • Your recording is received

  • It is re-scripted where required, taking into account pictures, tables and diagrams

  • A master recording is produced

  • A copy of the finished master can be sent to you for approval if required

  • Copies can then be supplied on CD or in MP3 format

What can be transcribed into audio format?

We can record one-off items, such as statements or letters, or multiple copies of larger documents such as reports or accounts.


Transcription services enquiry

Please complete this form if you would like further information about our transcription services.