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Large Print Transcription

Office worker at Scottish Braille PressHow to make a large print document

Producing large print documents is not as straightforward as increasing the font size and photocopying it on a large sheet of paper. Professional large print services take into account the needs of vision impaired people including:

  • Colours and contrast

  • Suitable font styles

  • Layout

  • Paper quality and weight

  • Text and line spacing.

We produce large print documents from the original document and then re-design it into a format that is acceptable to a vision impaired reader.

Meeting large print standards

We operate in accordance with our own professional standards based on our extensive experience of producing materials for vision impaired people and in accordance with UKAAF (UK Association for Accessible Formats) guidelines. Each document is proof read and approved before it is printed and bound.

Understanding the needs of vision impaired readers

As many of our staff are vision impaired, we understand the needs of vision impaired readers. The input of our staff is of great benefit in determining the ideal layout and style of your large print documents.

Production of large print documents

We produce large print in black text on white paper as standard. We can provide our plain covers or printed covers to your specification.

Documents can be produced in quantities ranging from a single copy up to several thousand copies.

Transcription services enquiry

Please complete this form if you would like more information about our transcription services.