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Forward Vision and Allermuir are part of Royal Blind, registered charity : SC017167



Exterior of Forward VisionFees for residential care

Places in our residential service are funded by local authority social work budgets through liaison with adult teams. Please contact your local authority to discuss funding.

Our financial year operates from 1 April to 31 March and fees are reviewed annually.

Fee levels are based on a full assessment of need being undertaken. Our fees are comparable with other adult care providers.

Independent advocacy

If you or the individual in your care require support in speaking to your local authority an independent advocate can help. People with the following have a legal right to independent advocacy:

  • dementia
  • mental ill health
  • learning disability
  • an acquired brain injury. 

Find out more about advocacy support.

Self Directed Support payments

The Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 is an Act of the Scottish Parliament that ensures that local authorities offer self-directed support to anyone who requires support services. This means that individuals requiring support can have a lot more control over what support they receive. There are four choices:

  • Option 1 - a direct payment to employ support workers or buy services from organisations. 
  • Option 2 - the money is held by the Council or another organisation, but you are in charge of how the money is spent. This is sometimes called an individual budget or an individual service fund. 
  • Option 3 - the individual budget is held by the Council and they arrange the support for you. 
  • Option 4 is a mix of any of the above options. 

If a young person is aged 16-18, then they can choose what kind of support they want.

Direct payments (option 1) can not be used to pay for long term residential care but they can be used for can be used to pay for short breaks 

Find out more by reading the Scottish Government's Self Directed Support Practice Guides and the SDSS website.


Royal Blind has public liability insurance and other insurances relevant to the provision of care.

Personal possessions and money are not covered by the organisation’s insurance and any cover required must be arranged by residents’ parents/carers/representatives.


We encourage the young people that we support to have their own bank account and be responsible (with support) for managing their income.

We advise that large sums of cash should not be kept at Forward Vision and Allermuir, and we cannot take responsibility for it.