Dennis Robertson MSP says Braille is about more than books

Posted: 09/10/2014 | ,

Scottish politician Dennis Robertson, the first blind Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), talks to Royal Blind about why Braille is still so important to him in everyday life, despite the advances in technologies.

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Dennis Robertson MSP and his guide dog Mr Q at the Scottish Parliament.Mr Robertson was speaking in the Scottish Parliament during National Braille Week and lent his support to the awareness raising campaign.

The former Royal Blind School pupil has also tabled a Parliamentary motion on National Braille Week which has received widespread support from across all political parties. The motion can be read here.


Transcript of the podcast below:-

Dennis Robertson MSP: “Braille's still a very important medium. I use it myself, just periodically these days because obviously technology has moved on and I use a lot of the screen reading technology.

“But Braille for me is still there because it helps me identify things, for instance medicines from the medicine cupboard – it's still really important. So it's fantastic we that we actually have Braille on things like medicines, and even packaging as well. In some supermarkets it's great because you go into the freezer and at least I can identify some foods because I know what they're going to be, it's not always a surprise.

“But also things like my CDs and basic sort of filing things.

“I use Braille as a sort of 'aide memoire' sometimes as well, before I go to the Chamber or Committees - it's just for bullet points.

“I must admit I don't read a lot of Braille these days, in terms of magazines or books etc – because I've got more lazy, I suppose, as I've got slightly older, but it's still a very important part of my life and I'll continue to use it.”