Proud to be an Employer that Supports Disabled People

Posted: 26/02/2014 | ,

Royal Blind was recently awarded the Job Centre Plus ‘Two Ticks’ award (also known as the Positive About Disabled People symbol). We have a long history of providing employment opportunities for disabled people, particularly at the Scottish Braille Press.

At the Scottish Braille Press everyone works closely together to share their skills, support one another and produce great results. We pass on these skills and expertise to the many high profile clients and customers who order documents to be transcribed into alternative print formats i.e. Large Print, Braille and Audio including Braille books and magazines.

Deputy Manager at the Scottish Braille Press, Sandra Wright, said:

“It’s a positive scheme to be a part of as it gives an equal hearing to all applicants and raises awareness that individuals with a disability are a valued resource for employers..

“We offer our staff opportunities to try their hand at new things and discover what they enjoy most, as well as helping them move on and find work in the wider employment market when they are ready.”

To receive the accreditation Royal Blind has committed to:

·         Offer an interview to all disabled job applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a position we are advertising

·         Make every effort to retain any employee who becomes disabled during the course of their employment

·         Consult disabled staff at least once a year to ensure that we are doing our utmost to ensure that employees are getting the opportunity to develop their skills

·         Ensure all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness

·         Review all of these procedures and ways of working on an annual basis.

Audio transcriber Martin Haynes explains what receiving the accreditation means to him:

“From an organisational view, I think it’s great that we’ve been awarded this accreditation. It’s nice to have that visibility when prospective employees are considering us for a career. I feel that it’s just confirming something that we have been doing for half a century. Historically we’ve always been a source of employment for people with a disability, and in that respect we’re ahead of the game!”

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