Royal Blind launches braille and audio versions of inspiring Humans of Scotland book

Posted: 19/11/2019 | ,

A book telling a series of powerful short stories about the everyday lives of people with disabilities is now available in braille and audio.

Royal Blind is proud to present the audio and braille versions of Humans of Scotland by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (ALLIANCE).

Produced to provide a platform for the people ALLIANCE supports, the book features stories from the lives of 30 people on a wide range of different topics to help people understand the issues facing people who are disabled, those living with long term conditions, and unpaid carers.

ALLIANCE hopes to inspire, spark ideas and drive improvements of health and social care support and services.

Royal Blind has produced braille and audio editions of Humans of Scotland, free of charge, so that people with sight loss are able to access the thought-provoking book. You can also order a braille or audio edition of Humans of Scotland.

Royal Blind Chief Executive, Mark O'Donnell, said: "Humans of Scotland is an excellent publication by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, giving voice to people with long term health conditions about some of the challenges they face and cope with.

"Many of the experiences highlighted in Humans of Scotland will resonate with people living with sight loss, and that is why it has been so important to us that is should be accessible for people with visual impairment.

"We are delighted to have worked in partnership with the Alliance to make the publication available in braille and audio and hope this helps Humans of Scotland reach an even wider audience."