Three Voices: Royal Blind Group staff and members star in short film

Posted: 02/02/2016 | , Scottish War Blinded,

Royal Blind Group staff and members have taken the spotlight in a short, emotive film about blindness.

The beautifully produced three-minute video, Three Voices, includes interviews with two Scottish Braille Press employees, Anne Findlay and Jodie Renton and Scottish War Blinded member, Derek O’Rourke.

Edinburgh filmmaker, Kieran Hennigan, director of Bass Rock Films, created Three Voices while putting together a documentary about Derek’s life as a painter called Still Life: Portrait of a Fighter’.

Kieran said he was inspired to work with the visually impaired after watching fictional short film, The Lost Purse.

He said: “It’s this incredible film with a twist at the end where you unexpectedly discover that the main character is deaf. It made me think about a creative project where the subjects are visually impaired, but I wanted to make it a story about real people and that’s when I got in touch with Royal Blind.”

Three Voices shows Anne rambling in the countryside and making tea, Jodie playing with her Labrador in the garden and Derek painting a sunset.

Kieran said he wanted to capture Anne, Jodie and Derek doing activities that they enjoy in their day to day lives.

He said: “I had no personal experience of visual impairment or any idea what living with a visual impairment might be like before I started researching this film. I think we’re all a bit guilty of this – myself included – that we make a pre judgment about what someone who is partially sighted might be able to do.

“I had a wonderful time talking to Anne, Jodie and Derek. All of their stories were inspiring and that’s why I made a longer documentary about Derek, because I was so fascinated by what he told me about his life.”