Braeside House wins Scottish Care Award

Posted: 18/11/2019 | Adult Services, Care for Older People,


We are very proud at Royal Blind that Braeside House staff member Pat Gibson won the Positive Impact Award at the Scottish Care Awards.


Pat, who is a Senior Carer, has been a vital part of Braeside House, our care home for older people with sight loss in Edinburgh, for 30 years.


Pat provides fantastic support to the nurses stepping up and supporting them. Her charge nurse said: “She works tirelessly on nightshift to ensure high standards of care. She has fully embraced new technology and is a positive team player with a great attitude that inspires the rest of the team.”

Other staff members at Braeside said:

‘Pat always has a smile for residents and colleagues, and actively participates in events in the home and fundraising for Royal Blind.  She is always first in line to learn new things. She will often come up with solutions and ideas for new ways of working that will benefit both residents and her team.

 “Pat has become a mentor for new staff due to her commitment to providing the highest level of training and support. New staff enjoy learning from her and you can always spot the staff who have been taught by her.”


In a care home, the night team are not as visible to families and it can be easy to overlook all that they do. Families will often only see the night staff when there is an emergency. Families who have met Pat always comment positively about her and are keen to say how she has supported them at the most difficult time in their lives.


Morag Francis, Head of Care for older people at Royal Blind said:

“All the staff love to work with Pat. She is flexible and always calm in a crisis. Even after a difficult shift she will have a smile on her face and have something positive to say. She truly deserves the recognition for all she does.”