It’s all go at Braeside House

Posted: 27/04/2015 | Care for Older People,

It’s good to keep body and mind active and to that end Barrie Simcock and Elaine Keay are responsible for a continuous timetable of activities and events that help to keep everyone at Braeside House engaged and entertained.

Residents enjoy regular story readings which cover a variety of subjects and categories including Greek mythology and the Twelve Tasks of Hercules, as well as the more recent and topical Easter themed stories. Story telling is popular with those who are visually impaired and sessions enjoy a large and attentive gathering.

Resident and family member from Braeside House at Toby CarveryAnother regular event, and a definite winner, is the tuck-shop which sells toiletries, sweets and chocolate. And following a similar theme, a recent visit to the nearby Liberton Toby Carvery brought smiles to faces after a very enjoyable lunch.

A weekly mix of bowling, poetry readings, musical afternoons and quizzes, to name but a few, are available for all residents to take part in.

These activities are also open to family and friends and provide a focus as well as the chance for socialising.

With summer hovering on the horizon dates are already in the diary for barge trips along the Union Canal. Starting from Ratho, the canal cruises are a relaxing and scenic day out which are extremely popular and very enjoyable.

Look out for our photographs of the trip in June which we’ll post on our Facebook and Twitter pages.