Jenny's Well Care Assistant James Ross finalist in Scottish Care Awards

Posted: 19/11/2018 | Care for Older People,

The Scottish Care Awards were held on November 16, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow and were attended by nominee James Ross and CEO Mark O'Donell. The Awards night was an emotional evening of celebration for those involved in care in Scotland and a true showcase of the high standards and dedication of those working in the sector. 

James is a Care Assistant at Jenny’s Well, one of Royal Blind's specialist care homes for older people with vision impairment. 

James wears a wasitcoat and bow tie and holds his certificate at the awards night

James joined the team when Jenny’s Well opened in October 2017. From his first day, he came across as a very positive and caring member of the team. 

James was nominated for the award by Head of Care for Older People, Morag Francis in the category of Innovative Practice.

An early adopter of the ideas that had been put in place, he flourished when given the autonomy to be flexible in his approach to care for residents based on their own individual needs. As one resident remarked:

“I am very happy with having James as one of my carers; he makes me feel very happy and content. I cannot fault him” 

Another said:

“James is always in good form and is a very cheery person. His joy makes me feel happy and safe. He is a great member of the team and I feel lucky to have him looking after me” 

James has demonstrated innovative approaches to empowering residents and introduced new ways for residents to have control over the support they need. This is evident in the roadmap James developed with residents that maps out their lives and care requirements. 

James was inspired to create a roadmap of residents’ lives as a way for carers, managers and support staff to make a genuine connection with the person. This project promoted a focus on caring for the individual needs of the resident, allowing anyone who cares for them to have a clear understanding of their background and what is important to them. 

The roadmap, which starts from birth and goes right through till present day, was a huge undertaking to ensure it was both successful and meaningful. In order to accomplish this James spent a significant amount of time with the residents and their families to collect the information. In his approach, he devised a set of questions to use in order to get as much material as possible. 

Focussing on the resident’s care needs, preferences and history has allowed family members to feel confident their loved one is being looked after in a way that suits them. 

Families have been heavily involved in this project, contributing photographs and providing useful information. This has encouraged a feeling of confidence in the care and contributed to strong relationships between the staff and resident’s family.  These roadmaps have been framed and put in the resident’s bedrooms. 

The result of this project has had an immense value to both the staff at Jenny’s Well and, importantly the residents. For staff, it helps them to appreciate the person, their history and their achievements. It encourages them to see past the person’s current challenges and value them in a different way. It also gives anyone, whether they know the resident or not, an insight into their background, which ultimately enables the resident to feel involved in their own care. 

We are extremely proud of James' work and are delighted that he recieved this recognition at the Scottish Care Awards.