Lots of skele-fun at Braeside House Halloween party!

Posted: 01/11/2018 | Care for Older People,

Terrifying tales of witchcraft, ghoulish games and spooky treats were enjoyed by residents at Braeside House yesterday for their frighteningly fun-packed Halloween Party hosted by the Meaningful Activities team.

With a Halloween themed music playlist feeding the party atmosphere, residents listened to stories of the origins of Halloween including tales of witchcraft in Scotland, and joined to share their personal experiences of Halloween as children.

Mary tries to guess whats in the mystery container in the touch and feel game

Many of the residents shared fond memories of “guising” with their family when they were growing up and spoke of how they’ve seen fancy dress change over the years. One resident Jean said, “We would just use anything we could get our hands on. Usually a black bag or if you were sneaky, a bed sheet. But you had to make sure you hid that from your Mother! Children today are very creative with their costumes.”

Another of the residents, Jenny recalled her family’s tradition of carving turnip lanterns saying, “It was very hard work, carving a pumpkin is much easier.”

Continuing with the creepy theme of Halloween, residents also took part in a Touch and Feel game in which mystery items were presented in containers with everyone taking it in turns to guess what was inside. Some of the mystery items include a giant pipe cleaner, cooked rice and cooked slimy spaghetti. Mary (pictured, above) said, “It was difficult to tell what each item was - I thought the pipe clear was a mouse - but we worked together to guess.”

Resident picks up a doughnut from the cake stand

Of course, no party at Braeside House is complete without a cup of tea and a piece cake. The residents were treated to some delicious doughnuts and cupcakes handmade by the Chefs which had been decorated with red and green icing and pumpkin toppers.

Meaningful Activities Assistant, Anthony Daley commented: “This is my first Halloween party at Braeside House and it was great fun. It was lovely to hear residents share their stories and our party cakes were a great treat – no tricks there!”

Speaking about activities provided to residents, Head of Care for Older People, Morag Francis said, “Both of our care homes have seen a significant investment made to increase the Meaningful Activity teams – an additional 120 hours at Braeside House and 84 hours for Jenny’s Well. All aspects of care are important. It is not just about physical care but social and emotional support as well.”