Residents pen poems for Braeside House posters

Posted: 18/04/2017 | Care for Older People,

Residents of Braeside House have produced two poems, incorporating happy memories of their favourite activities.

The poems, Travelling Far, and My Poem, were written during regular workshops with activity staff. 

Now they have been made into posters (below) which will be prominently displayed in Braeside House. 

Activities Team Leader, Barrie Simcock, said: "These poems were written by the residents with just a little help from staff. The residents are very enthusiastic about having this printed with copies here in the home. It is lovely to see and hear the residents being inspired to be creative!"

Posters with illustrations of poems

Travelling Far is by Jane Penman, Mary Hutchison, Vera Spark,Violet Harper, Willi Rae, Frances Brennan, Frances Gardner, Janet Reid, Millie Benzies , Jean Kelly with help from activity staff Barrie Simcock, Fiona Charleson, Elspeth McKenzie

My Poem is by Mary Mullen, Lynn Baxter, Phillip Moffatt, Chris Hart, Irene Johnstone, May Summers Tom Murray and activity staff Barrie Simcock and Elspeth McKenzie.

The poems read: 

Travelling Far

 Adventuring freely along life’s open page,

 Life is for living : whatever your age!

 Bold and intrepid, individual and free

 Whatever I choose, I know I can be.


Sometimes I am happy curled up in a chair,

Listening to my book with no-one else there!

Or I meet up with friends for biscuitsand tea,

Socialising means so very much to me!


I enjoy classical music and opera and jazz,

But I may prefer something more razzmattaz

So I’ll play a few songs by the famous Rat Pack

And sing along loudly to my favourite track!


Love them or loathe them, my family are mine,

Both when I am sad and when I feel fine.

I could have a pet dog or cat on my knee

But the thing I like best – is just being me!


My Poem

Painting and singing upon the beach,

With mother and husband – a trip out for each!

We meet with some friends at the end of the pier,

I drink a black coffee – they have cold beer,

We reminisce of old times have a laugh and a chat,

The sea is the colour of mother’s new hat!

Then off we go home for chocolate and tea,

Sitting next to the fire, my cat on my knee.