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Posted: 09/04/2020 | Care for Older People,


Nicola Dow, Deputy Manager at Royal Blind's care home Jenny's Well, is asking supporters to dig deep and support Royal Blind's urgent appeal if they can.

"Together with our care home in Edinburgh, we are going through roughly 200 face masks per day to care for our residents," Nicola says.

Watch Nicola's video to learn more.


Support our care staff during the health crisis

Like many charities working on the front line at the moment, we are struggling with the extra cost of PPE—especially face masks—in our care home residential services.

As the safety of our residents and our staff is our highest priority, each time a nurse or carer has been with a resident in their room, they dispose of their mask, their aprons and their gloves.

This precaution is needed especially for those most at risk. We are following Government guidelines with our PPE, which results in the use of 200 face masks per day, on average.

We are living day to day with our supply of masks and ensuring we have enough to keep everyone safe. We are receiving face masks from the relevant bodies, however, we simply need more.

We know COVID-19 has put a huge strain on many families. But if you would like to donate to help with our work at this vital time, we would be exceptionally grateful.

Money raised through our urgent appeal will help towards the cost of these masks which are £3 each.   Thank you and keep safe.

Click here to support our staff and residents.


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