Kezia Dugdale MSP Launches New Kidscene Premises

Posted: 28/11/2013 | Child Care

On 22 November 2013 Kidscene, our after school and holiday club, was paid a visit by the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Kezia Dugdale MSP.

Kezia came along to launch Kidscene's new premises. As part of the Royal Blind School's re-development programme, Kidscene has moved to a new location on our Canaan Lane campus. The facilities have been freshly decorated and set up to house Kidscene's activities. There are two large rooms - a messy room for art and creativity and a play room. The play room has a range of areas - a chill out zone, an area for older children, space to play with lego and dolls, a toy kitchen and board games.

After a short tour of the new premises, Kezia was introduced to the children. She settled down to do art with them and talked to parents, Royal Blind staff and Board members about Kidscene. 

Then came time to cut the Kidscene cake! Surrounded by children, Kezia did the honours and then the cake was shared with everyone there. Next Kezia was led to the corridor to unwrap this....

.... to reveal a plaque for everyone to remember the day and Kezia's visit. 

On her website, Kezia said:

"Opening the Kidscene premises was genuinely one of the biggest honours of my time as an MSP. Over the course of an afternoon with the children, I had discussions on the merits of Hello Kitty and was given an in-depth course on the intricacies of hama beads. Fundamentally, what came through was the way in which the Royal Blind School will enable all children who pass through the valuable knowledge of the importance of equality and the value of all."

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