Kidscene Easter Holiday Club 2015

Posted: 27/04/2015 | Child Care,

“The children have more time to play and relax because you have the full day and children enjoy taking part in the activities.”

Lisa Donoghue, Club Manager of Kidscene After School & Holiday Club, explains why she enjoys the Holiday Clubs and outlines the highlights of this year’s Easter Holiday Club.Kidscene Easter Holiday Club

The first week was Easter themed while the second week focused on space and intergalactic activities.

“We had a fantastic Easter egg hunt and got brilliant weather which makes such a difference. But, we are still missing two crème eggs because they were so well hidden. Harry and Phil, the school’s maintenance staff, are in for a treat as they’re bound to find them at some point.”

“We made egg shaped bath-bombs which worked really well and did fizz. We added essential oils to them so they had a lovely smell. The children took them home. The edible flower pots went down a treat. We made a chocolate cake for the pot, used a lolly as the centre of the flower and sliced up marshmallows for petals.

One of the children gave me a handmade sheep, which is really cute, but it needs a name so a picture will be posted on our Facebook page where all suggestions will be gratefully received!

As well as the themed activities we had some great days out at the Trampoline Centre in Portobello, and The Yard which is a purpose built adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities. It was great to meet lots of new people and the children really enjoyed the huge boat swing and the giant slide.”

Children at Kidscene with Calum from Cool Creatures and his MeerkatThe children themselves enjoy swimming in the school’s hydrotherapy pool, getting out into the sensory garden and playing football.

Jessica, whose sister Lolly goes to the school, likes making pictures for her friend, while Ethan loves the Xbox and is hoping FIFA 15 will be added to the Kidscene catalogue of games.

On the final day the Holiday Club enjoyed a visit from Calum of Cool Creatures who brought with him a meerkat, a skunk, an African hedgehog, a tortoise, snake and two lizards. The African hedgehog has softer bristles because it’s bred in captivity so it’s a bit like stroking a hairbrush.

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