A Farewell Celebration at Craigmillar Park

Posted: 27/06/2014 | Education

Pupil on swing at CraigmillarIn the run up to today, which is the last day that Royal Blind School pupils will be educated at the historic Craigmillar Park Campus, we have held a number of activities to enable everyone to say goodbye to the building that has educated blind pupils since 1835.

We held tours of the building for former pupils, who shared their fond memories of the school as they walked round with us. It was wonderful to see so many ex pupils again!

There was a fun celebration day in glorious sun shine for current pupils. We hired special bikes suitable for disabled children and wheelchair users. Our Chief Executive, Richard Hellewell, had a go and had a great time!

There was also sumo wrestling and a bouncy castle. We opened a time capsule from 1993 and discovered all sorts of surprises!

Chief Executive and pupil riding adapted bike















Sumo wrestling















Time capsule