Arabian Nights for the Royal Blind School Xmas show

Posted: 18/12/2019 | Education, Child Care,

Arabian Nights at the Royal Blind Christmas show.

Pupils and staff produced a fantastic ‘Arabian Nights’ Christmas show for family and friends at the Royal Blind School. The Christmas show at the school is always a highlight of the year and an opportunity for family, friends and staff to gather together and celebrate the end of term.

Staff put a huge amount of work into the show and the costumes and the most important thing is that every pupil plays a part.

Before the show there is a buzz in the air as pupils and staff get into their costumes and get their make up on.

It was a special show for pupil Bo as he was also celebrating his ninth birthday and was still chatting away about his strawberry birthday cake as the finishing touches were put to his costume.

As the lights went down and the show began we saw a camels appear on stage to set the scene. Conor was our narrator and did a fantastic job. We had market sellers and fire eaters, sheikhs and Ali Baba. There was even an appearance from the Spice Girls!

Queen Sultana has been disappointed in her husbands, so she has decided to marry a new husband each day and have him executed the next morning. Until she marries the handsome storyteller Amir. Amir begins the story of Ali Baba in an attempt to keep Queen Sultana’s interest and himself, alive.

Stefan played the part of Amir and was not only word perfect but also gave a perfect rendition of ‘Always look on the bright side of life.’

Joe who played Queen Sultana had a huge amount of lines to remember and didn’t miss a beat. He learnt all his lines by listening to them on a CD and remembering them which was so impressive.

Rebeka got lots of laughs in a comic role as she warned Amir against marrying Queen Sultana.

Andrew was brilliant in his part as a robber and Amy gave a great singing performance.

Luke played the part of the executioner with aplomb and Namarra was very funny as Milksheikh and showed off her beautiful singing voice.

Ray was brilliant on keyboards and Arrran , Rocco and Oliver lit up the stage with their fire eating and rug selling in the market!

Music teacher Louisa accompanied throughout on the piano, although she had stiff competition from Ciaran Vassie who played ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ beautifully on the keyboard.

As the show reached it’s conclusion and the applause rang out, the whole cast appeared together in a grand finale of dancing which really lifted the spirits of everyone who was lucky enough to be in the audience.

There really is nowhere like the Royal Blind school, it’s when you come to something like the Christmas show that you really feel how special the school is. Each pupil plays their part, regardless of disability or level of vision, and you can feel how much the staff care about every single pupil. It wasn’t just Christmas that was in the air at the show, love was all around too.