Banking on success: Lewis trials accessible features at Bank of Scotland

Posted: 29/11/2017 | Education,

Going to the bank is a normal and essential part of most peoples’ lives.

Lewis chats to bank staff But for someone with a vision impairment, this everyday task can prove to be challenging.

Fortunately, today banks are making more of an effort than ever to provide inclusive facilities that make it easier for people with sight loss, and other disabilities, to access their services.

Lewis uses cashpoint On Tuesday Royal Blind School pupil, Lewis, visited the Bank of Scotland in Morningside for a tour of the branch to test out the bank’s accessible features and to learn more about he can access banking.

The 18-year-old said: “I have had trouble in the past with using the speaking cashpoints. Sometimes the function doesn’t work, and it can be quite daunting to withdraw cash in a public place.

“It was great to go along to the Bank of Scotland and have a demonstration.”

Lewis has already secured a place at Stirling University to study Politics next year after completing his Higher exams in mainstream education. Now he is spending a year at the Royal Blind School to build upon his independent living and mobility skills.

Lewis regularly visits the university to get used to the layout of the campus.

The visit to the Bank of Scotland was set up by the Royal Blind School to enable him to get to know the layout and services that a typical bank could offer.

He tested a speaking cashpoint, note gauges, the Bank of Scotland app and chatted to staff.

Bank of Scotland Project Assistant, Shiree Steadman, who organised the visit said: “We are delighted to have Lewis to the branch. It was fantastic to have his feedback on the facilities here and fascinating to watch him using our app using the VoiceOver feature on the iPad.

“I hope that he enjoyed the visit and will now feel more comfortable visiting the bank in the future. It is part of our values to support all of our customers and enable everyone to access our services.”