Daniel Murphy visits 11th Edinburgh North East Cub Scout Pack

Posted: 17/06/2014 | Education

Royal Blind Pupil talks to Scout Group

Royal Blind School pupil Daniel Murphy visited 11th Edinburgh North East Cub Scout Pack, along with Jim McCafferty from Scottish Braille Press.

Daniel attends the 77th Braid Scout Group (of which Jim is Group Chair) at the Royal Blind School.

They had been asked to visit the Cub pack as part of the Disability Awareness Badge that the Cub Scouts are working on.  The Cubs were amazed by how fast Jim could read Braille and asked Daniel lots of questions about being a pupil at the Royal Blind School. 

"I have never known cubs be as quiet as they listened intently to what Daniel and Jim were explaining to them." said Roseanne Allison, Royal Blind Care Manager, who also attended along with Karen Smith, Residential Care Worker .

The 11th Cub Scouts will have a joint meeting with the 77th Braid later this year.

Well done Daniel and Jim!