Egg-citing chocolate workshop for Royal Blind School pupils

Posted: 13/04/2017 | Education,

With Easter just around the corner, Royal Blind School pupils have been crafting tasty treats for the holidays in a multi-sensory chocolate workshop.

child crafts easter eggThe class was designed to develop pupils’ independent living skills including food hygiene and working with a range of kitchen utensils.

Pupils designed and made a range of chocolate creations by mixing ingredients and moulding, dipping, coating and decorating their chocolates.

The chocolates were then placed on baking trays and chilled.

The workshop was run by chocolate specialist, Bernadette Wood, and was attended by nearly every pupil in the school alongside teachers, senior management, support staff and therapists.

Class teacher, Clare Walker, said: “It was a very enjoyable experience. The corridors and hall were filled with the smell of chocolate, which everyone liked; the young people examined by feeling, smelling and tasting raw cacao nibs, then raw ground chocolate, then the lovely ganache mix that was sweet and tasty.

“They were able to make choices about ingredients too - flavouring, gingerbread, jelly beans or, a very interesting sensory experience - popping candy. They could dip their chocolates in melted chocolate (plain, milk or white) and coat them in cocoa, coconut or sprinkles.”

The students then presented their finished chocolates in presentation boxes.

Clare added: “The students all appeared really engaged, thrilled to take home their own creations.

“The feedback from staff and pupils has been excellent - not just because it was chocolate! I think everyone really enjoyed the team effort and participation across the school. Bernadette said that she thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and was so impressed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of the young people and staff.

“It was good to hear that some young people spontaneously thanked her for coming, saying how much fun they'd had. It was a definite success.”