Equality Status Report 2015

Posted: 12/05/2015 | Education,

The Equality Status Report for 2015 has now been published. Here we highlight the main points of the report and what it means for the Royal Blind Group and its employees.

Royal Blind promotes the inclusion and empowerment of people with visual impairments, and as such regards all aspects of equality as inherent in our service delivery, our staffing, our management, and governance.Image of Scottish Braille Press member of staff

The Equality Act 2010 introduced a public sector equality duty to ensure that those carrying out a public function consider how they can positively contribute to a more equal society by advancing equality and good relations in their day-to-day business.

Our Equality Status Report has been prepared to fulfil our obligations around the public sector equality duty. It includes information about the whole organisation to reflect our commitment to attaining equality in all our functions across the Royal Blind Group.

The report is divided into three sections:

Mainstreaming the equality duty. This section covers what we do and how we integrate equality into our employment practice and our service provision. Specific examples of how we meet the different needs of the duty in the services we provide are included.

Employee information. Since the 2013 report we have taken steps to ensure that the equal opportunities data we hold about our employees and job applicants is representative. This helps us ensure that our equal opportunities approach and practices are effective, and allows us to identify groups that may be under-represented or disadvantaged in our organisation. We have provided information relating to the whole organisation, and additionally about the Royal Blind School taken alone, in order to meet our regulatory requirements.

Progress towards achieving our equality outcomes. In our 2013 report we specified five main outcomes we would like to achieve. This section outlines the progress made towards achieving each of those aspirations:

1.    We will work towards our vision to make a significant contribution to building a community in which blind and partially sighted people, including those who also have other disabilities, are fully included and lead fulfilling lives.

2.    We would like to be more diverse than we are at present, particularly in terms of ethnicity.

3.    We would like to see more disabled people involved on our staff beyond the Scottish Braille Press, which exists partly to provide employment for those with visual and other impairments and therefore employs many in these categories.

4.    We aim to move gradually towards having a more ethnically diverse Board with a more even gender balance.

5.    We are currently considering adopting the two-tick symbol ‘Positive about disabled people’ in our recruitment practice, and applying for Investors in People status.

Disability Tick logoSince 2013, we have been accredited with the Positive about Disabled People Two Ticks Symbol in recognition of our commitment to good practice in employing and retaining disabled people.

To find out more about achieving our equality outcomes read the full report which has been published on our website.

If you wish to request the report in an accessible format, such as braille or large print, please contact Kate Clement, HR Manager, on 0131 222 2791.