Fun in London at the Metro Games

Posted: 22/06/2015 | Education

Five pupils from the Royal Blind School took part in the London Metro Athletics Open last weekend - an annual sporting extravaganza for blind and partially sighted athletes from across the UK. 

A group shot of all five pupils in east London near the MIle End Stadium

Steven, Andrew, Namarra, Myles and Junjie took the long train journey to the big smoke to represent the school, alongside staff led by PE teacher Miss Bryce.

There was a fantastic atmosphere during the trip and pupils had fun both on and off the track.

The team took part in running, shot putt and long jump events at Mile End Stadium in London's east end. All of them performed brilliantly and came back with an armful of certificates and medals - including a fantastic haul of 3 golds and a bronze! Full results are below. 

As well as their own competitive events, the pupils had a chance to try out new sports, with support and tips from some top athletics coaches. 

It was not all about the sport for the intrepid quintet though. The team also had a couple of busy days exploring everything London has to offer, and they threw themselves into all the activities with great enthusiasm. This ranged from a trip to Buckingham Palace to meeting a lego version of the Queen in the famous Hamley's toy store.

What Miss Bryce said:

"Pupils were a credit  to the school and to themselves for their performance and positive attitude towards experiencing new activities, challenges  and  environments.

Thanks to the staff for making the PE trip so successful."

What the pupils said:-

Andrew “I’ve been on many trips before but this has been the best ever!”

Junjie: “Amazing!  I loved it all!'

Myles: “Athletics is great fun”

Namarra: “It was my first school Athletics trip to London and now I can't wait to come back!”

Steven “I’ve enjoyed the whole experience of being in London and think I did my best at the competition”


Full Results for all the events:-

Andrew: Under 14, 60m Sprint -  Gold, Shot Putt - Gold

Steven: Under 14, 100m Sprint - 4th,  Long Jump - 4th

Namarra: Under 14, Shot Putt - 4th,  100m Sprint - 4th

Myles:  Senior, Long Jump – Bronze,  Shot Putt - 4th,  100m Sprint - 4th

Junjie: Under 17, Shot Putt - 5th,  60m Sprint - Gold

All five pupils inside the Mile End Stadium