Glasgow Class, Royal Blind School: Lockdown Blog

Posted: 11/05/2020 | Education

Since the school closed because of Covid-19, our fantastic staff members have been working extremely hard to get pupils and their family members set up at home with the things they need to continue their learning.

Through the use of video calling and online resources, our pupils have been continuing to learn subjects such as Maths, English, Independent Living Skills, Mobility and Music. 

In this blog, pupils from Glasgow class - Joe Carberry, Andrew Pettigrew, Connor Simpson and Namarra - share their top tips for how to cope during lockdown, as well as share what they have been getting up to to home.

How to Cope During Lockdown 

Here are our 5 top tips!


1. Keep active- so we continue to stay healthy, gives you energy and can help you destress! This is easier if you have a garden, you can go for a walk, a cycle or jump on your trampoline.


2. Try not to worry too much- this can make you anxious and can contribute to negative thoughts. This can affect your mental health which can also impact on your physical wellbeing. Try not to watch the news all the time as you may dwell on the negative aspects. It can cause you to worry and not want to go out.


3. It’s important to stay in touch with friends so you can keep in touch and you don’t worry about them. The pupils who stay in residential have been having video chats. Keep in touch with them and try to cheer them up.


4. Kindness- look after those close to you and small acts of kindness can be good for you and for others.


5. Spirituality and relaxation- this can help relax you, it helps you focus on the here and now and think more positively.

Focus on Kindness During Lockdown

One way to get through lockdown to focus on being kind!

We should be kind to everyone, especially during this difficult time, to help build and maintain strong relationships. It's also good for our own mental health and others.

Whilst in isolation we can be kind to our family, friends, teachers, front line workers, the public and it is also important to be kind to ourselves.


You can be kind to these groups in the following ways:

  • Self - exercise, mindfulness, listen to or read something funny and learn a new hobby.

  • Friends - talk to them on the phone, send them a video message or song, give them a little gift- even a second hand book or cd- it doesn't have to cost a lot.

  • Frontline workers and the public - put a rainbow on your window, give people space (social distancing) when out and about to show you care, send messages online, participate in events like The Big Night In and send letters to those who could be lonely. Namarra and Mrs Laughlin have been writing letters to the residents of Braeside House in their English lessons.


You can check out lots more ideas at Random Acts of Kindness. 


Glasgow Class are going to have a challenge to see how many random acts of kindness we can each perform and will record these by putting a bit of pasta in a cup each time they do something kind.