Imagine a visit to the Royal Blind School

Posted: 06/05/2015 | Education,

Having read about Royal Blind through the work of the IMAGINE European project, five teachers from Sweden got in touch through Facebook to ask if they could visit the Royal Blind School. 

The chance to visit rested on a successful scholarship and the school's agreement to host them, which they were delighted to do. Following a two month wait, with fingers crossed, the teachers' funding request was approved and they came over in April.Swedish teachers pictured outside Royal Blind School

Tomteboda was the only school for blind students in Sweden and it closed in 1986. Now, visually impaired pupils in Sweden are all taught in mainstream schools. The visiting teachers work with only one blind pupil within mainstream schools.

Their experience of educating children and young people with a visual impairment is quite different to those at the Royal Blind School.

During their visit they were particularly interested in inter disciplinary learning because IDL embraces the idea of well-being as an important element of education. During these lessons school pupils attend the allotment, outdoor education activities and mindfulness sessions.

As part of their week's visit our guests also spent time at Linburn, Forward Vision and Kidscene to see the work of other parts of Royal Blind. They were delighted by the welcome that they received from everyone and were grateful to the school for helping with their scholarship.

Having returned to Sweden they are sharing their findings at local, regional and national level. We look forward to hearing how their report is received.