Kidscene celebrates National Braille Week

Posted: 12/10/2017 | Education, Child Care, ,

Why Braillers have less keys than keyboards, who invented Braille and how vision impaired people draw, were among the topics discussed at a special National Braille Week themed after school club.

Lewis demonstrates BrailleNote to childrenRoyal Blind School pupils, Lewis, Connor and Amy dropped into Kidscene yesterday to give a presentation on Braille.

As well as taking questions from the children, the pupils also demonstrated how to use a Perkins Brailler, how a BrailleNote works, and how to use Braille in diagrams and pictures.

The young people attending Kidscene also used blindfolds to simulate sight loss while being guided around the playroom and were shown how to use a BrailleNote to write their names.

“It went really well, the young people at Kidscene were really keen to learn about Braille,” said Care and After School Manager, Roseanne Allison. 

“They asked questions about how the Braillers worked, how vision impaired people make diagrams and drawings using Braille, they asked  how Braille was invented. I think it was a very interesting opportunity for them to meet the pupils and think a little more about what life is like for vision impaired people. “

Addressing the children, Lewis (pictured) explained how different formats have different purposes.

He said: “Personally, I do sometimes enjoy listening to audiobooks, but there are some things that you couldn't do without Braille.

“For example if you’re giving a presentation and reading aloud, you wouldn’t be able to listen to an audio file in your ear, you need to be able to read from a piece of paper - or if you’re shopping and want to know what a product is, Braille would be the only way to do that without asking someone."

This year National Braille Week runs from 9-15 October. The week aims to raise awareness of the importance of Braille and other alternative formats that open up the written world to people with vision impairments.

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