Local cafes support National Braille Week with new Braille menus

Posted: 13/10/2016 | Education, , ,

Eateries local to the Royal Blind School are getting into the National Braille Week spirit by supplying Braille menus for visually impaired customers.

Daniel and Christina deliver menus to S LucaStudents visited Caffè Nero, S. Luca, The Merlin and Deli Fresco in Morningside in September to offer to provide them with the menus.

They chose to visit estabilshments that are walking distance from the Royal Blind School in Canaan Lane.

And this week students Harry, Junjie, Daniel and Christina visited the eateries to deliver their brand new Braille menus as part of National Braille Week.

National Braille Week aims to inspire interest and support for Braille, which is the world's only truly universal written code. This year it takes place from 10-16 October, to coincide with World Sight Day on 13 October.

Harry and Junjie dropped menus off to Caffè Nero, The Merlin and Deli Fresco, while Daniel and Christina visited S. Luca.

The owners of S. Luca were so delighted with their new menu that they provided them with a free ice cream.

Junjie was very pleased with the new menus.

He said: “It’s great to be able to read the menu myself, not have someone read it to me.”