Lothian Buses Double-Decker visits the Royal Blind School

Posted: 02/06/2014 | Education,

Royal Blind School Mobility Lesson Royal Blind School pupils were recently treated to a very special mobility lesson when the school’s Habilitation Department organised for a Lothian Buses double-decker bus to visit the Craigmillar Campus.

The visit was an opportunity for every pupil in the school to practice mobility skills on a bus without the usual crowds and time pressure they would experience on a public bus, and for a small group of pupils it was the first time they had ever been on a bus.

Every class in the school was given time to thoroughly explore the bus, and shown how to get on and off, putting their mobility skills to use with their canes or the bus ramp.  They also had the chance to feel the braille on the alarm buttons, find out where the money goes, and discover where the hand-rails are located.

The experience was made even more special for our pupils as they had the chance to practice on a double-decker bus in a safe and non-moving environment, as some had never experienced the top deck of a bus or had an opportunity to attempt to climb the stairs.

The pupils were joined on the day by a team from Lothian Buses made up of bus driver David Adams, Manager Mike Steven and Project Officer Eilidh Tate. It was pupil Stefan’s 13th birthday, and he was given the chance to make a special birthday announcement over the tanoy.  The team also treated the pupils to a shot in the driver’s seat, giving them the chance to beep the horn and turn the engine on and off, which they were delighted with. 

A huge thank you to our Habilitation Team and Lothian Buses for organising the day and giving our pupils such a wonderful experience.