Pupils take to the pool at swimming championship in Grangemouth

Posted: 25/11/2014 | Education

The Royal Blind School recently attended the Scottish Disability Sports Junior Championships in Grangemouth

 View from the starting block of a competition swimming pool. Harry Lovett, Christina Tytler, Namarra Hume, Jake Murray & Scott Hilson represented the school in a variety of different events.

The group had been working very hard in preparation for the event and were focusing on their swimming technique as well as increasing their speed in the water.

Throughout the day the group were very successful; winning a number of medals across a range of events. But most importantly; the group represented the school brilliantly and all maintained great swimming technique in a very competitive setting.

Congratulations to all swimmers and keep working hard in the pool!

Miss Bryce & Mr Lynagh

More information and full results can be downloaded from the Scottish Disability Sport website.