Pupils wow in performance of the Odyssey for Christmas Show

Posted: 18/12/2017 | Education,

Pupils and staff of the Royal Blind School have delivered a stunning performance of the Odyssey for their annual Christmas Show. 

Pupil and staff member dressed as pirate The special sensory adaptation of the Greek epic poem included a part for every pupil that was able to attend the performance - with surprise appearances from some guest characters, including Elvis and a pair of teenage cyclopses.

This year’s performance was supported by a trio of professional musicians, Sirocco Winds. The band have been visiting the school for workshops facilitated by charity, Live Music Now. The workshops were funded by a £5,000 grant from the Nimar Trust. 

Musician plays clarinet to pupil Listening to and participating in live music can decrease anxiety, enables children to articulate and express emotions and build self-esteem through the pleasure of sharing a positive experience in the company of their peers, teachers and carers

Live Music Now Director, Carol Main, said: “We have worked with the Royal Blind School over 20 years, sometimes with one-off concerts, and sometimes, if funding allows, on more extended, deeper engagement projects such as this Autumn’s with Sirocco Winds. 

“The way that people of all ages react to being close up to instruments and hearing live music in an intimate way is something that can be a total joy to experience. For children, there may be sounds and vibrations that they have never come across before. For children with visual impairment, being able to feel the instrument, for instance, the bell of the clarinet where the sound comes from, can give a new insight and deeper understanding of the music and, in turn, the world around them.

“For Live Music Now musicians, all sorts of new skills are learned, including improvisation, playing without printed music, non-verbal communication amongst the ensemble and programming repertoire that is tailored to the needs and abilities of the audience.”