Royal Blind providing child care for 'key worker' staff in nursing and care

Posted: 25/03/2020 | Education, Care for Older People,

Children attending Royal Blind's new child care provision are finding the bright side of recent dark times.

Scottish schools have closed, leaving many of our nursing and care staff requiring child care for their children. 

We need our staff more than ever. The people with visual impairments who we care for need one-on-one support during this difficult time.

So, we’ve made arrangements so existing after-school care staff can care for our nursing and care staff's children, during this crucial time.

Children attending childcare provided by Royal Blind are looking on the bright side of the dark cloudsKidscene, our after-school care facility, is being re-provisioned as a day-time child care for staff who are on shift at Edinburgh services, such as the Royal Blind School’s residential unit, Forward Vision & Allermuir, Kidscene, or Braeside House.

Our experienced Kidscene staff are running the child care, with lunch and snacks provided at a low cost.

This enables staff in key worker roles, such as nursing and care staff, to continue working in our residential services, caring for people with visual impairments.

Children whose parents were working in essential 'key worker' roles attended Wednesday's child care session and enjoyed painting rainbows on the Kidscene windows, finding the bright side to the difficult times of late.

The Royal Blind team is working tirelessly to ensure we can deliver for the people who need us.

This is only possible through the dedication of our supporters and colleagues.

COVID 19 has put a huge strain on many families.

However, if you are able to help us at this vital time, we would be exceptionally grateful.

We appreciate any support you can spare.

We will do our best to keep all our supporters updated as we continue to navigate this difficult journey.  

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