Royal Blind pupils hand out braille thank you cards to local shops

Posted: 23/10/2019 | Education,

As part of National Braille Week 2019 our pupils handed out braille thank you cards to some shops and services the pupil’s use regularly in Edinburgh.

Amy hands note to shop assistantThe pupils wanted to draw attention to how important braille is to them in their daily lives. Seven pupils handed out the cards to amongst others, Lothian Bus drivers, the soft play at the Commonwealth Pool, and other shops in Morningside.  

Pupil Amy gave her card to the Sainsbury's Customer Service Desk at the Cameron Toll shopping centre as a thank you for all the support they have given the pupils at the school over a number of years.

The Customer Services Assistant said that she had seen a lot of our pupils in the fifteen years she has worked at Sainsburys.

Amy asked her if there were any Sainsbury's products in braille and the assistant told Amy that she would be asking management at the store if there were any products featuring braille in the pipeline.

Sainsbury's said they will let pupils at the Royal Blind School know.

Watch this space for news of a future meeting between pupils from the Royal Blind School and Sainsbury's on our pupils ideas for braille packaging!