Royal Blind School Christmas Card Competition 2013

Posted: 06/11/2013 | Education,

Royal Blind School pupils have been busy demonstrating their creativity producing a range of Christmas themes for the school’s Christmas Card 2013 competition.

Nuala Heron, Art Teacher at the Royal Blind School, comments:

“To create the Christmas cards pupils discussed what Christmas means to them. They contributed their own ideas and/or chose from suggested themes and planned their design. Every pupil started by making a collage. This involved tearing various textures of paper and sticking it down to create a colourful and textured sheet of paper. This also allowed them to use various senses and have a tactile experience.

"Shapes were then cut from their collage using the appropriate scissors suited to their needs. Some pupils used the aid of a stencil. Others used wikki sticks and minolta paper to understand the shapes. Pupils used materials such as: magazine paper, wrapping paper, cotton scrap material, polystyrene for block printing, buttons, beads, string, ribbon, cotton wool, card, sequins and paint.”

Pupils, staff and visitors to the Royal Blind School then voted for their favourite designs to be produced as the 2013 range of Christmas cards.

Nuala, currently enjoying her initial term in the Art Department at the Royal Blind School, said:

“I’m really enjoying my new post at The Royal Blind School and it's a pleasure to work with such hard-working and inspiring young people. I think you'll agree their Christmas card designs are all fantastic and very difficult to choose favourites.”

Proceeds from the sale of the Christmas cards will help to support the pupils and services provided at the Royal Blind School.