Royal Blind School pupils and young adults from Forward Vision collect clothing and raise funds to support refugee crisis in Europe

Posted: 21/09/2015 | Education, Adult Services,

Pupils from the Royal Blind School and young adults from Forward Vision have responded to the present refugee crisis in Europe by collecting funds as well as donating toys, bedding and clothing.

By July 2015, over 438,000 refugees had claimed asylum in Europe compared to 571,000 for the whole of 2014. The conflict in Syria is the biggest driver of migration as well as continued violence in Afghanistan and poverty in Kosovo.

The majority of the migration is making its way to Germany and Hungary through either Greece or western Balkan countries. As a result of many European countries revising their border controls, huge numbers of refugees are now sleeping on the streets or in make shift camps.

Following a visit by Reverend Michael Mair, who attended a school assembly earlier this month and discussed the plight of homeless people and the refugee crisis, Royal Blind School pupils decided to act.

The pupils thought that if every pupil and member of staff donated one item of clothing, bedding and toys, the contribution would make a significant difference to the lives of the refugees.

Royal Blind School Depute Headteacher Carrie Mannion said:

“With the support of our generous pupils, parents and staff, donations of clothing, bedding and toys have started coming into school and we thank everyone for supporting the pupils’ initiative.”

The young adults at Forward Vision have also responded to the refugee crisis in Europe by donating clothing as well as placing donation boxes in their highly popular Cranberry Tearoom enterprise.

Forward Vision’s Samantha Hood said:

 “Our young adults have embraced the opportunity to collect clothing and raise funds to support the refugee crisis in Europe. I have also received donations from colleagues who work in Royal Blind and thank everyone for their contributions.”