Royal Blind School reopens Drever House

Posted: 01/04/2017 | Education,

A former house for Royal Blind School pupils has reopened its doors after an increase in the number of residential pupils at the school.

Drever House, near the Royal Blind School’s former Craigmillar campus, accommodates nine residential pupils supported by 11 members of staff.

The house has been fully furnished to meet the needs of the pupils, including two new accessible downstairs bedrooms.

It comes as the Royal Blind School has expanded its provision to include pupils that need to stay at the school for up to 52 weeks of the year.

It is the first time in recent history that the Royal Blind School has been able to offer ‘full-time’ residential placements for pupils.

The 52-week option was introduced last year to enable pupils from further afield who would be unable to travel home for the weekend to attend the Royal Blind School.

Claire Murray, Senior Residential Care Worker for the Royal Blind School, said: “Everyone has settled in very well. There’s a lot of space in the new house and it feels very much like home.”