Royal Blind School student Reece Watt records work experience for Royal Blind blog

Posted: 13/06/2016 | Education,

Last week Royal Blind School student, Reece Watt, joined Royal Blind's Marketing and Fundraising department for his work experience placement. 

We set Reece the challenge of interviewing his fellow students and writing a blog for the Royal Blind website.

And the 18-year-old did just that, utilising his excellent interview technique and writing skills to pen the following blog entry recording his friends’ work experience and also his own.Reece gives presentation at primary school

Reece also gave a presentation about visual impairment to a primary school, spoke to Scottish War Blinded members at the Linburn Centre, visited Forward Vision and the Royal Blind School playgroup and proofread Braille documents for Marketing and Fundraising manager, Davina Shiell.

Thanks again for joining us Reece, it was a pleasure having you as part of our team.

Royal Blind School students' work experience week

By Reece Watt

Tuesday 7 June: The Linburn Centre

Today, I was out at the Linburn Centre with the Royal Blind Marketing Department on work experience. Linburn is a day centre for people who have previously been in the war, and have lost their sight over a period of time. I talked to some of the veterans who are members of Scottish War Blinded. The veterans were various ages, and had all fought in the armed forces at some point in their lives. One of the veterans, whose name was Rob, was aged 65 and had joined the navy when he was sixteen. He was in the navy for ten years during the Cold War, which took place in the 1960s. After ten years, Rob went onto join the fire service.

Wednesday 8 June: Interview with Harry at the Royal Commonwealth Pool

Today, I went to the Common Wealth Pool in Edinburgh, where I 

Reece and Harry

interviewed Harry Lovett, who is also a pupil on a work experience placement. I asked Harry a range of questions.  Harry said that he found it he found it useful doing a range of different jobs, from helping out at reception to the poolside. He said that he liked the range of tasks that he was given.

Harry has been working with various groups of people of all ages. He wants to be a lifeguard when he is older. Harry has found the gym particularly busy at lunchtimes and he has found the communication headsets a challenge to wear.

Wednesday 8 June: Interview with Scott at Preston Street Primary School

I was at Preston Street Primary today interviewing Scott Hilson who was Reece and Scotton a work experience placement. I asked Scott what it was like every day as a classroom assistant.  Scott said that every day varied, depending on what the class were doing that day. For example, yesterday was sports day so Scott had to watch the children take part in various sports and assisted when required. In the afternoon Scott assisted in making smoothies with the children. Scott has also helped groups with mental arithmetic and other classroom activities. Scott said that he has found working in a school a positive experience. He says that he has enjoyed working with children at a range of different ages and abilities, and he says this will be a positive experience for his CV, as he is hoping to work with children in the future.

Thursday 9 June: Interview with Daniel and Junjie at RNIB

Today, I went to interview a couple of pupils, who were on work experience at the RNIB.  Daniel, who was one of the pupils, said that it Reece interviews Daniel and Junjiewas fun to be on work experience at the RNIB.  Daniel stated that he had spent the majority of the time sending emails, and using spreadsheets. Daniel also said that he carried out various typing tasks, for the managers, whose names were Allister, and Billy. Daniel also said he liked the cafe, and he had a tuna Panini for lunch every day.  He started at 10 am, and finished at 2pm, with the exception of Friday, where he finished at 12 pm.

Junjie, another pupil on work experience, said he also enjoyed his time at the RNIB, and had been researching admin type jobs Allister. Like Daniel, Junjie started at 10 am, and finished at 2 pm.  However, on Friday he finishes at 12 pm.