Royal Blind School students demonstrate mindfulness techniques to Preston Street Primary School

Posted: 01/06/2017 | Education,

Royal Blind School pupils demonstrated the practice of mindfulness when they hosted a class from nearby Preston Street Primary School. 

The school has been holding mindfulness sessions incorporation sensory story-telling, body awareness and relaxation techniques for several years.

Now Preston Street Primary School teacher Katy Ritty has kindly shared her class' experiences with the Royal Blind blog.

Mindfulness at the Royal Blind School

Children lying down on yoga mats in a hallOn Tuesday, 18 P7 pupils were given the very special opportunity to develop out Healthy Bodies topic through a visit to the Royal Blind School, thanks to Kate’s mum! We’ve been learning about Mindfulness in class, and how focused observation and reflection can help you feel better and calmer.

At the Royal Blind School, we were shown some mindfulness exercises, as well as yoga and meditation.

We learned how to be mindful when one of your senses, sight, is taken away. My fantastic Sevens discovered the importance of smell, hearing and touch and how, for some children, thus isn’t a ‘classroom lesson’ but a fact of life. We loved our tour of the school and sensory garden. Caleb loved the strongly scented plants, while David enjoyed the textured climbing wall. Ronald made insightful observations about the layout of the school to help pupils move around safely.

At the end of the visit, I walked home with 18 happy, calm and slightly more empathetic children who I could not be more proud of.