Strike a pose! Students get snap-happy during selfie session with Leith Academy visitors

Posted: 08/03/2016 | Education,

Last month, pupils in Royal Blind School classes 7 and 8 snapped selfies with visitors from Leith Academy to help raise awareness of visual impairment. The students and staff recorded the day and wrote the following blog entry.

On Friday 5th Feb we were joined by Meg, Laura, Caitlin and Chemara and their teacher, Ms Zuliaca, from Leith Academy, for a day of selfies and visual impairment awareness raising. We started with the serious bit – some of the young people wanted to help others understand what it’s like to be a blind or visually impaired student so each pupil from the Royal Blind School, demonstrated and talked about resources and technology they use to complete their work or everyday tasks.

Steven got off to an impressive start showing the girls how he used adapted music on his iPhone to play the piano. Myles, Daniel, Nathan and Namarra all presented on more traditional resources including canes and Braille. The girls were delighted with the Braille copy of their names that Nathan produced for them and Namarra even gave them a quick lesson on the Perkins Brailler. Katie-Jane finished off by teaching them about the signifiers and trail rail that help the pupils of the Royal Blind School navigate between lessons.

After a much needed break Harry put the girls through their paces by asking them to complete a matching task with sleep shades on. Harry explained that whilst it may seem like an easy task, with the sleep shades on the girls could get some idea of what it’s like to lose your sight. Whilst this was a bit of fun our guests all said they found it pretty difficult. And the proof was in the pudding as no one managed to complete the task!

We then moved onto the fun part where everyone shared their selfie from the project and we got to know a bit more about each other. The pupils were put to the test again when Ms Zuliaca, helped the young people to describe their selfie in French. There were lots of drole, funny faces amongst us.

Now we were all a bit more comfortable with one another we got really silly. Everyone chose wacky props and got snapping. You can see from our selfies that we all had lots of fun!

Not only was this a really fun experience but it was a great opportunity to spend time with young people from another school and show off our school. Steven said, “It’s just what this school needed. I’d like to go and visit their school now.” Katie Jane agreed, “That was really good. We could maybe do that again.” And I think we all agreed with Nathan – “Those girls were nice.”