Teacher climbs 3,276 steps for Royal Blind

Posted: 08/06/2020 | Education,

Can you believe Pam Young's effort? The Royal Blind School teacher climbed her tenement's staircase 26 times in one day.

Her staircase has 126 stairs, so that’s 3,267 stairs in total. Yikes!

We asked Pam, did it hurt the next day?

“I was pretty tired by the end and walking was absolute agony the next day!”

“The Health app on my iPhone said I’d done 10,618 steps that day, which is pretty normal for me because I walk to and from work, but I’m not used including quite so many steps on stairs!

Pam wore a different T-Shirt every time she climbed the staircase.

“It was great fun looking out the T-shirts, deciding which ones to wear and how to ‘set the scene’ in terms of props for photos.

“I guess the T-shirts tell a story of my interests and places I’ve been. Each one holds a memory so that was fun, revisiting the memories.

“Yes, some were a tad uncomfortable as they date back a few decades when I was much fitter than I am now! Maybe climbing the stairs has helped!”

Pam said she would take on a challenge again.

“I would definitely do it (or something equally as daft) again if fundraising for a good cause!”

Pam has raised £260 so far.   Could you help boost her fundraising effort to £300?

To see her fundraising page, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pam-s-2-6-challenge2021