The Royal Blind School's Rice Challenge

Posted: 24/10/2013 | Education,

Pupils at the Royal Blind School are taking part in the 90kg Rice Challenge to help farmers in Malawi.

Did you know that only 1 in 3 children attends high school in Malawi? If a farmer in Malawi can sell that much rice at a fair price, he or she could send a child to high school. The challenge, run by Just Trading Scotland, challenges you to “Eat someone out of poverty!” Education is one of the most effective ways out of poverty, so the focus of the challenge is fair trade and education. 

Staff and pupils are getting stuck into the challenge, which is to sell 90kg of rice for a farmer in Malawi. All of the rice used is obtained at a fair price from small scale farmers. 

The whole school is participating, selling ninety 1kg bags of rice. Although we’ve only just begun, 33kgs have already been promised!

Supporting Fair Trade initiatives promotes responsible citizenship, which is a key element of the curriculum for excellence. The Royal Blind School is also seeking Fairtrade accreditation to continue to help more people around the world.

The Royal Blind School pupils love to help others. Since we are often on the receiving end of help in terms of donations and support, we want to do what we can to give back to the wider community.

Learn more about the 90kg challenge and take part on the Just Trading Scotland website.

You can also pay the Royal Blind School a visit on our website.