Video: Sensory Garden inspires pupils' art

Posted: 21/04/2015 | Education

When BBC's L.A.B. Scotland came to the Royal Blind School, pupils from Class 8 had a lot of fun creating art using everything from shaving foam to ipads. 

Namarra, Katie-Jane and Christina with BBC's Jo HallThe school's art deparment hosted Jo Hall and the BBC team for a two day digital media workshop. Christina, Andrew, Steven, Katie-Jane and Namarra learned all sorts of creative skills, including making digital video, printmaking, poetry, stop-motion animation and audio.

The video below is one of the many outcomes of this fantastic multimedia extravaganza. Watch as Christina takes you on a tour of the sensory garden, meeting her classmates along the way. All of the pupils say what they like best about the Royal Blind School's sensory garden, and create art inspired by this special place.

Watch the film on the BBC site here: