We need your help to buy a new hoist for our hydrotherapy pool

Posted: 09/04/2015 | Education,

“Picture, if you will, children running about and playing. Now imagine sitting in a wheelchair all day with splints on your legs and a body brace needing someone to facilitate movement. That is the reality for many of our pupils. Getting into a hydrotherapy pool means freedom. Freedom from constraint, freedom from discomfort and freedom to get close to friends.”

That was Carolyn Thornton, a teacher at the Royal Blind School, summing up the difference a new hoist would make to the pupils and young people who use the school’s hydrotherapy pool.Photograph of hydrotherapy pool and current pool hoist

The current hoist is over 10 years old, requires on-going costly maintenance, and is cumbersome and time consuming to use. Our priority is to raise enough funds to buy a new hoist system and a very generous cheque for £1,000 presented recently by Lothian Buses has given the appeal a great head start.

But we still have £15,111 to raise. We welcome and need your donations.

The Royal Blind School’s hydrotherapy pool is one of our most used facilities. Open seven days a week, it is used mainly by school pupils and young adults at Forward Vision. It is an important part of the rehabilitation and ongoing care of our young people and offers relaxation, physical movement and sensory stimulation.

Carolyn Thornton also explains: “All the pupils without exception enjoy being in the warm water. It is a wonderful time for them, providing opportunities for fun, communication and independent movement for some. Not only do the pupils benefit from the session itself, but afterwards they are relaxed and happy and therefore better able to access the rest of their curriculum. A new hoist would enable more pupils to access the pool more often. Hydrotherapy makes a real difference to their lives.”

Please help us raise the funds to purchase a new hoist that will be easier to access and use so our young people can have more time to experience the pool’s benefits.

Please donate now to help raise funds for the new pool hoist. Thank you!