Spot the Dots for National Braille Week!

Posted: 06/10/2014 |

It's time for National Braille Week 2014!

There are many ways to get involved - but one of them is to tweet or send us photos of braille that you spot in everyday life for our #spotthedot gallery!

National Braille Week logo with braille watchA lot of people are aware of the importance of braille in education and employment - but what about outside the school or the workplace?

This year one of the themes of National Braille Week is 'everyday braille'.

We are seeking as many examples as possible of braille embossing in everyday life and on everyday objects. We want to show how braille can enable people with visual impairments to get on with things independently, and to take part in activities that sighted people sometimes take for granted.

Braille can be used for just about anything – instruction manuals, knitting patterns, playing cards, bank statements, greetings cards, medicine labelling – anywhere there is print, there can be braille.

Braille increases opportunities, independence and equality and should be an everyday part of our environment.

So use your imagination and keep your eye out for the 'dots' !

Tweet with hashtag #spotthedot or if you're not on twitter send them to us and we'll add them to our gallery...