Caledonia Brewery Quiz Report

Posted: 25/03/2014 |

Sixteen teams contested the Royal Blind Brewery Quiz at Caledonia Brewery on Friday 21 March 2014.

The quiz included popular subjects such as general knowledge, music, literature and sport as well as film and airline logo picture rounds. A new feature was also introduced, the ‘Google versus Gary challenge’, where teams could challenge answers in a bid to top up their final score.

Our opening round was general knowledge followed by food and drink proving tricky for our teams with no-one reaching double figures by the end of round two.  The sport and music rounds provided teams with an opportunity to make amends and gain momentum. Four teams now shared the lead who established greater breathing space from the pack after the crucial airline logo picture round.   

Teams then negotiated science and nature and a film picture round in a bid to accumulate valuable points to achieve credible finishing positions or to avoid the wooden spoon; although ‘Hot Off the Press’ never looked like staging a dramatic escape from the basement….I’m sure they would agree!

We had a tie for first place between The Lactose Intolerants and current title holders The Dude Abides after the final round. The teams were asked to nominate the date the first ever episode of Countdown aired on Channel 4 in day/month/year format.

Tension filled the room as both teams took their time deliberating possibilities. Lactose Intolerants emerged victorious, providing an astonishingly accurate answer, sportingly congratulated by The Dude Abides.

March 2014 Brewery Quiz Finishing Positions

Our congratulations also to the team ‘Densa’ who won the award for the most imaginative name on the evening.

Sarah Hughes from Densa said:

"I love a challenge and it’s good to have a chance to mingle with colleagues in a relaxed way. It’s also good to meet people in person who you speak to on the phone! Great event. Will definitely be there again next year!"

Marion Hall from the Peter Pawlett Baby team said:

“Another great night, and I think we did a little better this time. Perhaps 4th? We particularly enjoyed the picture round, airline logos, and I have tried it out on friends and colleagues.”

Royal Blind Events & Fundraising Officer Gemma Gillespie said:

“The brewery quiz is always a popular event and, yet again, feedback has been extremely positive.”