Posted: 30/03/2012 |

On Wednesday 29thFebruary, three groups of pupils from the Royal Blind School took part in the annual Fiesta class of the Edinburgh Competition Festival. The Fiesta is an inclusive class open to school pupils of all ages and is a wonderful opportunity both to perform and also to be an audience for performances from other schools. The Fiesta took place in Stockbridge Parish Church and people came to perform in or to watch the event including the Lady Provost Elizabeth Grubb. Pupils presented musical items of their own choice and received constructive feedback from the professional adjudicator and a certificate of participation from the Festival.

There were two items from the Craigmillar Park Campus, a four part arrangement of ‘Close to You’ by a group comprising two senior girls and two senior boys and a performance of ‘Teach me the Blues’ sung by three senior boys and featuring improvised scat singing. Tay class represented the Canaan Lane Campus performing ‘Angus the Brave’ and dancing a version of ‘The Dashing White Sergeant’. The adjudicator was very impressed by all of our performances which were also enjoyed by the large and enthusiastic audience.

The Fiesta fits very well within Curriculum for Excellence giving opportunities for children and young people to learn new skills, work together as a group, build self-confidence and represent their schools by contributing to an important and enjoyable musical event.