Local MP Visits Scottish Braille Press

Posted: 06/08/2013 |

Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, visited the Scottish Braille Press to have a tour of the premises and meet the staff. The MP showed a keen interest in the commercial and charitable aspects of the businesses.

He is also supportive of the role that the Scottish Braille Press plays in providing employment for disabled people. In the last year, the number of disabled employees at the Scottish Braille Press increased by 25% and now totals 26.

Mr Murray’s tour started on the ground floor, where the machines are based. Euan Grant (pictured) has been working at the Scottish Braille Press for many years, and is responsible for manually printing Braille onto smaller items like business cards.

Nowadays everything is transcribed digitally, with the exception of business cards, which have Braille imprinted on them for a wide range of clients. The ground floor also houses machines for large print and Braille production on a larger scale.

The library contains a range of books that the Scottish Braille Press has transcribed into Braille, including the first five volumes of the Harry Potter series. The MP was also shown the booths for transcribing into audio format.

Upstairs the Scottish Braille Press looks similar to any other office environment. This is where the bulk of the work is done, with staff transcribing a vast range of material, from bank statements and letters to exam papers.

 Ian Murray MP said:

“I feel hugely privileged to have the Scottish Braille Press based in my constituency in Edinburgh South. It is a successful business with clients from across the world, which allows blind and visually impaired people to access both vital materials, like their bank statements and leisure ones like the Press’ popular ‘Sporting Record’.”