Pow Wow Kick Starts a Colourful Day of Music, Dance and Crafts

Posted: 06/07/2011 |

Pupils at the Canaan Lane campus recently explored the theme of Native American myths legend and culture as they enjoyed their biennial Carnival Day on Tuesday 28th June. The day fused art, music and dance to provide the pupils with a creative break to their usual routine.

The day began with a traditional Pow Wow where the whole school joined together to construct a carefully crafted Totem Pole.

Music teacher Jill Reeves said “It is a gathering activity. It really promotes a sense of belonging within a group, many of the songs sung in the Pow Wow were pre-recorded and the kids get a feeling of excitement and recognition, a real feeling of performance”.

The Native American theme has been maintained throughout the term in classes of music, drama, art and P.E allowing the pupils to take part in what Jill describes as a “multi-disciplinary project”.

One of the day’s activities was a Sensory Story, written by Jill and narrated by ex-vice principal Iain Prain. Jill explained that “the importance of recognising voice” is especially key for children with a visual impairment.

Other activities included dancing and a peace room whilst the afternoon involved a nature trail and drumming led by professional drummer Dougie Hudson.