Preston Street Primary School Pupils Visit Royal Blind School

Posted: 20/03/2014 |


On St Patricks Day, primary 2 pupils from Preston Street Primary school made a return visit to The Royal Blind School. Read more about the Royal Blind School’s recent visit to Preston Street Primary SchoolThe Royal Blind School pupils had a rigorous timetable worked out for them and were the advisors for the morning.

Namarra and Katie Jane took a group to join a PE class with Mr Lynah. They joined in with volley ball. Some of the P2’s wore sleep shades and tried to catch the ball by using their other senses. They had fun though found it a real challenge to keep their sleep shades on!

Andrew and Christina took a group to find out about Braille, German film and how to use a Braille Note. They enjoyed drawing shapes and getting partners to feel what they had drawn. Christina showed the Preston Street Primary pupils how to Braille their names and they were delighted to take this home.

Steven took a group around the school. They went to the dining room and sat around a table. Steven demonstrated the level indicator which some had a go with. They looked at the menus in Braille and large print. Steven then took the group up to Home Economics where Mrs Budd was making soda bread. They helped with measuring flour in the talking scales. Steven demonstrated the talking microwave and enjoyed the response by the primary pupils. They were amazed!

We finished the day all together in the hall with a question and answer session. Our pupils answered so many questions clearly and concisely. They were wonderful ambassadors for the world of visual impairment. The P2 pupils from Preston Street Primary really enjoyed the visit, that was filled with valuable learning which they will no doubt will remember forever. This is a great link to have with our local primary school and we hope to continue this in the future.